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Planning a Lake wedding

By Precious Mafadzavana

There are no strict rules as to how to do your wedding and definitely, nothing stops you from having a lake wedding. There are different ideas to try to make your lake wedding light up which are suggested in this article.

Limit your guest list

A lakeside wedding may require you to have a minimum number of people who attend the big day, because of space and of course for the covid- 19 protocols, but just make it small so that the place is not overcrowded and so to enjoy nature in its entirety peacefully.

Have your reception in a cabin

This brings out the best part of the venue as lakes are always associated with wood so having your wedding reception in a cabin would be ideal. The ceremony can be held by the lakeside to get the perfect view, fresh breeze, and the peace that comes with the water.

Jump in the water

A way to bring some fun to the party, have everyone jump in the lake if it is safe. Although the idea may not work for everyone, it will be fun for those who love water. You can even include ‘bring swimwear’ in your invitation letter so that everyone comes prepared.

Try a rustic wedding theme

Since this wedding venue will be filled with so much wood it will make a lot of sense for you to have a rustic theme. You can also have a rustic cake, so that it complements the décor.

Pick dishes that suit the venue

You can add seafood to your menu, just to complement the theme.

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