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Significance of wedding colours

By Precious Mafadzavana

Weddings traditionally have been associated with the color white which symbolizes purity, virginity, and innocence. It is also considered a color of perfection and has been always the color to go for in bridal fashion. The 21st century brought about a change in bridal fashion as there are different colors to choose from and designers of wedding gowns bring different colors to life in the wedding fashion.

These colors, however, have different meanings as they represent certain personalities, emotions, and states of mind so when choosing a color for your day make sure you are aware of the color means.


White symbolizes purity, innocence, and for the longest time, this has been the traditional color. Some even consider making it the dominant color in their decorations. The color has always been associated with weddings since the beginning of weddings.

Diamond white

This color brings in the western part of the wedding, and these days white has to do more with modernity.


Pink shows a child-like personality and represents innocence, freshness, and purity. Pink can show more of a flirtatious personality. Brides who choose this color usually want to show their feminine side, as the world is moving, men also wear pink as designers try to accommodate everyone.


There is nothing wrong with having red as the dominant color at your wedding, nowadays many brides may have a white gown but the décor would be dominantly red. However, red symbolizes many things with positives being love, energy, strength, and passion. Many different types of cultural-based weddings are where red wedding gowns tend to be popular.


This color has become popular at weddings and many brides are now opting for this color although some families tend to dislike this color. Black, however, is a color of elegance and class. Black represents power, sexuality, sophistication, formality, wealth, mystery, and best of all sheer style, so you may consider all these and go for the color black and be unique.


If you are that person who likes things that look better on her skin, this is the color to go for, although the old-school thinking suggests that it resembles tainted innocence.


Many couples usually like to show off their characters in their colors. Lilac is for the soft and dainty. The color is suitable for those that like the traditional thing, as it appears in weddings that hark to the past.

Cherry Red

Let’s talk about the passionate, dramatic, and dripping with romantic desire couples. This is their color. However cherry red alone won’t produce the best results, but if you pair it up with crisp white and black, you will end up having the best and a memorable day just by the choice of your color. Don’t be limited to the usual colours, take on any colour you want, so long you feel good about it.

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