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The beauty of destination weddings

By Nobuhle Nleya

To simply put it, a destination wedding is a wedding that takes place outside the city or town that the soon-to-be-married couple lives in. Amazing right?

This is something that a couple can consider doing to make their day memorable and unique. So often at times, we are used to the usual wedding of having to hire out a local venue at a local resort, hall, church, or garden and unfortunately, it becomes monotonous for the guests and you the soon-to-be-married couple.

The fact that traveling is involved and booking of accommodation, which may seem costly, can be some of the things that can make a couple dread such an idea. However, some benefits and tips can be implemented to have a great and still on a budget destination wedding.

–       Destination weddings are the bomb!

In simpler terms, they are more fun, exciting and intimate. The wedding usually includes a few guests, these mainly being the close or immediate family members of the groom or bride. As we have noticed in our African culture, we come from big families that have relatives we might have not seen in the last five years and we tend to have friends and “sahwira” from every corner. This means that already we have a guest list that is comprised of 200 people excluding our church mates and co-workers. The advantage of a destination wedding is that the aspect of intimacy is maintained, meaning that only the relevant people who greatly contributed to the success of you as an individual, your relationship, and your wedding can be there to witness you start this new and amazing journey.

–       More Affordable 

In a way, this is also a cost-saving mechanism, the fewer people the more affordable the wedding. Sounds like a statement that a stingy person would say, but one must consider the truth in it. Sure, flying people out to another country, booking them in hotels and lodges does not sound friendly to your finances, however on the other hand the couple can make use of promotions or packages that their intended venue has. Some wedding venues, offer discounts to the number of guests that the couple might have and may also be able to offer assistance on traveling arrangements as well as provide insights on how to successfully plan the wedding. If you don’t plan on planning the entire wedding yourself you will be glad to know that there are wedding planners locally and regionally who can offer their services to you.

Please also note that it is important to read through any wedding service contract associated with a destination wedding. This will help you to understand any cancellation policies and if deposits are refundable.

–       Customizable

Destination weddings are unique to the couple and are based on their personality, likes, and interests. It is amazing how as a couple you can be able to plan how you want to have a barefoot beach wedding or be able to a short and precise ceremony with the marriage officer wearing a short. You can make your imagination come to life. If you are the type of person or people that enjoy traveling, then this is definitely for you. You won’t be limited to where you want to go and who you want to join you on this. To top it off, these types of weddings are usually conducted at a beautiful scenic location, talking about butterflies in the air and your stomach.

The best thing about a destination wedding is that it is stress-free, literally. When planned well and effectively it can certainly be a day to remember. No drama, no arguing about relatives, no gate crushers, or even formal wear, it certainly is the way to go. 

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