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How to plan your wedding with no regrets

By Buhlebenkosi SIbanda

What does it mean to plan with no regrets? To plan with no regrets doesn’t mean you won’t make any mistakes. It means you are doing you despite what the world thinks as long as it makes you happy. Societal prospects can take over the whole planning process but it’s crucial to disregard the negative influences, after all the day is all about you so only your feelings and opinions matter the most. Below are tips to help you plan without regrets.

Find your inspiration and rely on your instincts

An ideal place to look at what inspires you is your life. Become more self-aware and be in tune with yourself to learn what will make you truly happy. Consider how you go about your daily life, the textures, and the colors that appeal the most to you. Thus this will help capture a wedding that captures the personalities of you and your fiancé. It’s easy to get carried away by what other people expect. You might even change your minds to fit in with everyone else wedding on Pinterest or Instagram. This will lead to regrets therefore, follow your instincts, find your inspiration and do what you think is best.

Know your budget and set your priorities

Before starting the planning, be sure to budget accordingly and know who is contributing what. Following your wedding budget is crucial because you wouldn’t want to start a new life filled with debts. If it’s a strict budget, prioritize important stuff.

Accept that not everything is going to be perfect

They say demanding perfection is the recipe for dissatisfaction and unhappiness. You certainly should have the wedding of your dreams but the reality isn’t always perfect and neither will your wedding. Therefore focus on what meets most of your standards and requirements.

Rule out the checklist

Brides think much about science when planning a wedding other than their chemistry with their soon-to-be life partner. Usually, there are traditions, norms, or to-do lists that guide weddings hence them becoming cliché. You know what they say: ‘even the best-laid plans go awry. Therefore rule the list completely.

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