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Signs you are too stressed over your wedding

By Buhlebenkosi Sibanda

It is no secret the planning process is a full-time job. Although the process has its moments, to a greater extent it’s usually stress-inducing. Nothing is perfect, including your wedding. It will have the very same unexpected bumps and twists and turns and there is no way to please everyone, including you all of the time. Below are signs to show you are under a lot of pressure and you need to breathe in and out

Constant fights with your partner

A newly wedded couple Ngangozulu and Nicky Khumalo opened up about their perpetual fights over the tiniest of things during their wedding planning due to pressure. “Many a time, eloping crossed my mind but it was not until we scheduled a date night were talking about the wedding was forbidden,” Nga told us, laughing at the flashback. “That way we enjoyed each other’s company and remembered why we are getting married in the first place”, Nicky added. Therefore, squabbling each other on matters relating or non-relating to your big day also serves as the likeliness of too much stress.

You are relentlessly sick 

According to Mayibongwe Nyathi, a relationship therapist, stress reduces the ability to fight off physical reactions like headaches, stomach aches, cold and flu, nervousness, low energy and sex drive, twitching during sleep, muscle pain, etc. Thus you are dealing with such during the planning period; your body will be communicating that you need to slow down

Planning is overwhelming and you are no longer enjoying the process

If the period is less exciting and you’re on the verge of breaking or can’t seem to relax each time the topic of your wedding arises are symptoms you are overwhelmed and not enjoying the process take a breather and find your calm

Falling back on unhealthy behaviors

You don’t need to resurrect bad traditions and then have to go through the labour of changing that when you can be engrossed in being a happy newlywed. A divorced, recovering drug addict Mqhelisi Khanye confirmed that excessive outing, drinking, and smoking are one of the signs one is coping with the bad mechanisms. “Hire a planner or share the load with your loved ones and avoid unnecessary early divorces” he advised

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