Tips to a smooth proposal

By Buhlebenkosi SIbanda

Beyond prioritizing what your partner will appreciate most at the moment, below are certain missteps and clichés to avoid ensuring the whole occasion runs smoothly.

Talk to her parents and be sure to be on the same page with her

The talking with parents might sound old school but important to a certain extent. If your partner has hinted about involving the knowledge of the parents then do it. Besides most grooms believe asking her parents’ blessing first is vital. Also, marriage is a lifetime commitment that requires at least 99.9% agreement from both parties. 

Make it personal, be authentic and make it a surprise

When asking for someone’s hand in marriage, always go with the idea, not a script, and don’t recite something from memorization. Some prefer it quiet while others enjoy it with crowds of friends and family. At the end of the day be creative and personalize your proposal, make sure it somehow tell your story, and be creative. Just be genuine and be sure to make it a surprise, find a moment and manner where they won’t be expecting the proposal

Don’t plan it for another occasion

Mixing occasions will swallow the specialness of the occasion. Therefore make it a standalone occasion.

Keep the ring safe

Make sure the ring is secure and safe in a box, somewhere you’ll be able to reach easily without dropping it.

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