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What to consider when making a guest list

By Vanessa Mwedzi

Making a guest list for a wedding is the toughest decision ever because one way or the other some people are not going to make it on that list.

Most people end up having more people on the guest list than the number they have agreed on with the service providers because they assume they will have a certain number of guests considering their budget only and disregarding the fact that they have so many relatives they cannot keep off the list.

Here are a few things to make your task a bit easier.

First thing is first, you have to be very honest with yourself and your partner as well, on who you want to come to your wedding.

You can start by making the guest list before you have finalized the number of guests you want at your wedding.

Give yourself and your partner some time to write two separate lists, one from the bride’s side and the other from the groom’s side.

The bride is responsible for whomever she wants to come from her side and who she doesn’t want at the wedding and vice versa.

You then screen whoever you want to screen and then join the lists to make one list.

So if making your guest list is the first thing you do then you are on the right track.

Create an A-List

These are the people you want in attendance. 

Write down the people you can’t imagine not having there. These could be the people who have been there for you over the years and your immediate family.

Then the B and C List  

These you can cut off depending on your budget.

Once you have made your list, determine your budget.

The size of your guest list is the biggest factor when it comes to your budget. 

So it is important to compose your guest list with your budget in mind.

Next is getting venue quotations and packages on the number of guests you plan on hosting.

Your planner can help you narrow out venues that meet the number of guests you have settled for.

While you are at it, you have set a date, you can send emails or messages or call your expected guests informally inviting them to your wedding and give them time to confirm if they are coming because what hurts most than cutting people off your guest list is including people who will not show up to your wedding but make sure you incur costs for absent people.

This brings me to the next thing you can consider when making a guest list.

Making a no-show penalty for guests who will just decide they can’t come to the wedding.

You have to make guests pay for their share of the costs if they just decide to not come to the wedding without a reason.

If you are not coming at least inform the coordinator or the couple a week or two weeks before so they can put someone else on your spot. 

Lastly, the Kid Policy.

Having Kids or none at the wedding should be up to the bride and groom

They decide on what atmosphere they want to be set at their wedding and on who they want to attend the wedding.

This should be stated on the invite.

Your wedding, your day, and your wishes should be respected!

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