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Best and Worst days to have your wedding in 2022

By Vanessa Mwedzi

You are planning to get married in  2022 but, you do not know which dates to choose from?

Although some brides know exactly the dates they want to get married and will go to extra lengths to secure that date, some do not have a clue on how to go about it.

You are not alone!

Since it is already half of the year will get right on it.

If you must you can have your wedding in June and July but to avoid no shows because of the weather its best to skip the winter to have your wedding.

However, winter is the off-peak season hence the venue prices are ridiculously low so if you want to make a saving you can jump on it

With a winter wedding make sure your dress code accommodates your guests and that you have some winter warmers available such as gas heaters, coffee, and tea.

If you have chosen a summer wedding, let’s have a look at the holidays which you can capitalize on.

Monday 8 August and 9 August are Heroes day and Defence day in Zimbabwe, respectively.

As the dates are after a weekend, most people will not be working and this will be a small vacation for them with free food and entertainment.

Since there are no more holidays after the August bits up until the December holidays which are fully booked, it is best to capitalize on the weekends of August, September, and October.

Here is why you should avoid a wedding in December:

Everyone you know is probably getting married in December and this could leave your family and guests torn on which wedding to spend money on.

So be wise and choose carefully!

Don’t get me wrong, this could be a great way to celebrate the big holidays and you can get a lot of people to attend, however, some of your guests will not postpone their getaway holiday to Mauritius to attend a wedding in Zimbabwe unless it is in Victoria  Falls or

somewhere they have never been before.

If you must get married in December, here are some of the best days in December you can have your wedding ;

Thursday 22 December (Unity day), Sunday 25 December (Christmas day), Monday 26(Boxing Day, Christmas Day Observed ), 27 December (Boxing Day Observed),

It is important also to note the religious beliefs of your loved ones that you would not want to miss the wedding when choosing your wedding day.

And also birthdays, wedding anniversaries of your parents,  Mother’s day,  father’s day, and so on.

It looks cute but remember this is a day you will celebrate for the rest of your lives so it is best to keep it independent from other special days.

Above all, remember you cannot make everyone happy, so chose a day that is comfortable for you.

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