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Classic songs to add to your wedding day playlist

By Nobuhle Nleya

Apart from food and long heartfelt speeches, the next best thing to a wedding is the music playlist. Throughout this special day, couples go through a lot of emotions that can only be expressed through wedding music, from the waking moment through the procession to the reception. Creating a marriage song list with the right genre of songs makes your wedding unforgettable. Most traditional wedding songs are characterized by a mixture of local and international songs. However, there are the likes of Oliver Mtukudzi, and Charles Charamba for the gospel lovers, whose songs continue to dominate the wedding playlist. 

Wedding Day Morning- Getting ready 

This will be a day when you’ll be going through the emotions of excitement, anticipation, and anxiety. You will need a super boost to keep you going and excited to marry the love of your life. Your song choice for this part of the day should include a bit of romance and a jovial and upbeat tune. Try out some classics from Rick Astley “Never gonna give you up” or dance the night away by including some house music from artists such Boohle or Dj Maphorisa.

Wedding Prelude

This is the chance to include songs that have a relaxing and exciting effect on you and the guests. It is, by all means, important to make sure that there is a happy atmosphere that is created so as not to make the guests more emotional than they already are. One can also opt to play gospel songs of the likes of “Ndimi” by Janet Manyowa or have a live jazz performance from bands such as The Travellers band. There are a wide variety of options that resemble love and commitment, the main themes for the day. 

Processional Wedding Songs

The processional is where the groomsman and groom enter. Songs for this stage are traditionally slow and solemn. However, most weddings have turned things up a notch by creating a completely different kind of energetic vibe. The couple has the option of including songs such as “All you need is love” by The Beatles, “God’s plan” by Drake, or even some Rumba songs from Fally Ipupa. As a couple, you can also decide to include songs such as “Owami” by Skhu. This has been a favorite for many couples since its release in 2012 and even up to this day it still speaks of the timeless message of love, care, and commitment.

Bride Entrance Songs

The songs played here must appeal to the ears of the guests as they must feel the atmosphere of love and understand how the bride feels at that point. An amazing classic that you can add to your list is “Mbabvu Yangu” by Oliver Mtukudzi. This is one song that will surely have the bride and groom including the guests very emotional and will certainly take you back to the timeless golden oldies period. The bride also has the option of simply getting a pianist who can play a simple but elegant tune to make sure that all the attention is on her and her moment.

The list of songs to have is endless and if as a couple you are into every genre then the more diverse your playlist will be. It is important to take some time to listen to each song that you feel would make your day memorable and keep it engraved in the minds of your guests,

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