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Fresh wedding ideas for 2022

By Vanessa Mwedzi

Another fresh year with a different bride and the need for fresh new ideas for 2022 Weddings. 

The lockdown era has shown people that life is too short and that you can spend thousands of dollars on a wedding that might not happen.


Many couples today are opting for more casual, less formal weddings that take place in non-wedding locations.

Eloping or getting married at home with the family present is a growing trend.

Other couples are choosing to have their weddings in places that hold a special meaning than anything else.

Others still want the big wedding and now more than ever are going to go big with their wedding venue, so there is an idea for everyone.

These are all fruits of the lockdown.


While others are choosing to wait most couples are doing everything all at once, that is after the engagement they plan for the Roora and exchange vows on the same day. 


While everyone was stuck at home many brides watched Bridgerton and fell in love with the styles hence opulent Featherington feathers bows and sheer layers might be trending this year.

Most brides will stick to the traditional trends but this time of change has brought more non-traditional trends to wedding dresses from ball gowns with modern updates and even mini dresses, Feathers, flora, and sexy silhouettes dominating.

For the bridesmaid dresses, people seem to be going for one’s style, while the bride lays down some general guidelines like the color and length of the dress.

This is new, fresh, and this way you get to have a connected color or style, but every individual gets some control over their look.

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