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Planning an engagement party

By Bhuhlebenkosi Sibanda

An engagement party comes before any other pre-wedding party and is a celebration of the proposal, leading up to the wedding day. Therefore to plan one, we have compiled a list of what you need to know.

When do you send engagement party invitations? 

These are sent about four to six weeks in advance of the date. Sending online invitations through Paperless Post is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to invite your guests on a budget without sacrificing style.

Who hosts an engagement party?

In this modern-day era, couples have bent the rules, anyone can host an engagement party. Although traditionally the engagement parties were hosted by the bride’s parents at their home.

Whom do you invite to an engagement party?

Engagement parties are typically smaller and not everyone invited to the wedding needs to be included in your engagement party. Wedding etiquette has it that you should keep it simple and invite close family and you and your partner’s closest friends.

Should Engagement Party Guests bring Gifts?

Depending on the culture, engagement gifts are certainly not obligatory. But some of your engagement party guests will choose to bring gifts, and be sure to expect family and closest friends to bring gifts.

What happens at engagement parties

The couple plan out engagement party activities like games, speeches, toasts, and love stories to get guests mingling. 

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