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By Buhlebenkosi Sibanda

Have you ever come across some wedding words or phrases and wondered what in the world this is? Weddings come with their diction, with phrases that have a completely new significance. For a quick tutorial to help you chat like a pro, we’ve put together some most used though frequently confusing wedding terminology below.

Alter- This is usually common at the house of worship but at weddings, the altar is the physical spot where the couple will exchange vows, whether the ceremony is religious or otherwise. 

Black tie– this is a formal dress code where men should be dressed in tuxedos and women to wear either a formal cocktail dress or a long evening gown for the occasion. This will always be indicated on the wedding invite and habitually takes place after 6 p.m., and men should be dressed in a tuxedo. 

Flower Wall- These dramatic installations of florals and greenery. They are usually used to make a major statement, a stunning ceremony backdrop and are a creative way to display escort cards, a gorgeous photo booth, or an eye-catching backdrop for the band. 

MOH- short for maid of Honour.

Officiant -the person who’ll conduct your wedding ceremony. They’re sometimes known as celebrants or registrars. 

Open Bar– an open bar means one has wine, beer, and a full bar of liquor to offer guests. This option is the most expensive way to serve liquor at your wedding, so feel free to get creative if it’s not in your budget.

Palette– palette is the collection of colors you’ve chosen to work with on your wedding day, influencing everything from linens to flowers to even the ink on your invitations. 

Plus One a plus one is an additional invite for a wedding guest to invite a date. The rules can vary here (depending on the couple’s budget, wedding size, and wedding vision) but generally married couples and established couples (who live together, et cetera) get plus ones. It’s also nice to consider a plus one for any attendee who may not know anyone else at the wedding.

Real Wedding– Ever wonder what makes our Real Weddings real? The couples, of course! Each of our real weddings tells the story of a real-life couple, from how they met to the details of their big day. If you’re hoping to have your wedding published after you’ve tied the knot, be sure to talk to get in touch with us. 

Tablescape– A tablescape is what you get when your entire table design comes together, from the plates and flatware to the flowers and candles.

Zinnia-Zinnias are colourful flowers in the daisy family, if you don’t know what daisies are be sure to check our article on wedding flowers. Zinnias are known for their soft and round shape and sunflower-like appearance. They are an affordable alternative to dahlias, and come into bloom mid-summer (perfect for summer weddings, with their vibrant red, orange, and pink tones!)

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