Real weddings

Of unique colours and unexpected outcomes

By Ivy Chibanda

When the heart wants what it wants, it surely doesn’t take time to make decisions. Melany and Trinity had only know each other for a year before they got engaged on the 27th of December, which was Melany’s birthday.

Everything was in order and well planned. So much that lobola was paid barely a month after the engagement, on the 29th of January and their wedding was scheduled for the 30th of April.

The planning process was flawless despite the bride’s colour scheme which was a bit odd. Her colours where red orange, bottle green and a touch of gold.

The bride and her bridesmaids

It was a beautiful day with the perfect weather on the 30th of April 2022 and both the wedding ceremony and reception took place at Autumn Flow Fern Valley. The bride wore a beautiful drop shoulder ball gown and the bridesmaids looked pretty in their orange dresses. To complete the colour scheme, the groomsmen where dressed in bottle green suits.

The groom and his groomsmen

The vows from both the bride and the groom where both heart warming and this was the favourite part of the day for the couple.

The reception was lit with the dances from the bridal party as well as the relatives who didn’t tire from the dance floor.

Of unique colour combinations

From their relationship, the couple notes that when it comes to love, they learnt that “Love is patient, love is work, love is communication, and love is being loved with the right person.”

As for advice to future brides, Melany advises to delegate duties and errands to people around you who are willing to help.

The beautiful bride

“Make a good choice of service providers to avoid disappointments,” she said.

“Also make sure you choose the right bridal squad, especially those who can afford your dream wedding ideas.”

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