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Etiquette: The things we take for granted

When one thinks of their wedding day, all they think of is perfection; everything coming up altogether from the service providers to the bridal team and our guests. A lot of people contribute to the perfection of the day and a lot of things are taken for granted, especially the use of words ‘may’, and ‘thank you’.

Here are some pointers to the polite way of doing things:

The Bridal Team
The bridal team is the anchor to the wedding. Not only do they add colour and fun to the
wedding day, but these people sacrifice a lot of their time and resources just to make your day special.
Of course, many people would kill to be a part of your bridal team but you do not have to take advantage of that. Ask them formally to be your bridesmaids.
I know of couples who never asked their bridal team properly, they simply added them to a WhatsApp group with the group name ‘Bridal Team’, that’s how they knew they were part of their bridal team. This is not right, morally. Do it in a special way, a way that one feels needed and appreciated. Some may choose to make asking boxes with perfume, robe, card, or chocolate. It doesn’t have to be expensive.
Even a digital card asking them if they may be your bridesmaid is still a good idea.
After the wedding as well, thank them for their assistance and sacrifices by buying them a small gift or hosting a small appreciation party! They deserve it.

Wedding committee
Most weddings, if not all, have wedding committees. Wedding committees consist of close family, relatives, and church members who will assist in the preparation of the wedding. Kindly ask them to be a part of the committee, because these are the backbone of your wedding day.
Respect their thoughts and advice. If you are not in agreement with them, tell them politely what you would rather do and why you prefer it that way.
When someone has been assigned a role in planning , if you have another way you would have it, work with them rather than go behind their backs. If there are any changes, communicate and work together.
Also, remember to thank them after the wedding. Digital cards are very affordable and convenient since going door to door may be impossible.

Most of the things we do at our weddings are for our guests, therefore they should be taken care of. Make sure that the venue you choose is not simply perfect for you but consider your guests too. An example is getting a venue in a rocky area but you know that some of your guests are old and might find it difficult to maneuver.
Make sure that there is a variety of food such that the guests can choose from in case you have vegetarians in the crowd.
Again, thank each and every guest for coming to your wedding. Gift or no gift, they would have contributed to the success of your day.
These are just but a few tips to consider as you plan your wedding. Let people remember your wedding for your etiquette!

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