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8 years of dating, still made it to the aisle

By Ivy Chibanda,

Event planners give events a spark and when it’s a wedding, they make sure they give you a fairytale wedding. However, when event planners wed, it can be nothing short of amazing. This was the case of Tafadzwa Kafesu and Phinnias Murienda, the owners of Rockmasters Events, who wedded after eight years of dating!

Tafadzwa and Phinnias started dating in 2012, and Phinnias proposed in 2015. However, Tafdzwa turned down the proposal, and they both agreed it wasn’t the right time. On the 28th of June 2017, Phinnias tried his luck again, but Tafadzwa accepted with the condition that they’d get married after she completed her Master’s Program that she would complete in two years. Lobola had been scheduled to be paid in April 2020, but then with the Covid 19 related regulations, they had to wait. On the 10th of October 2020, Phinnias finally paid lobola for Tafadzwa and they wedded on the 5th of December 2020 at Tiffany’s (Grant Estate).

The wedding was a black-tie event with a maximum of 100 guests. It was an elegant wedding with their theme having black and gold.

As wedding planners, the couple did not need the usual wedding committee meetings because they did not want to inconvenience people during these pandemic times and they wanted to avoid the unnecessary drama that comes with these wedding meetings. They only had one meeting which was to update the close family that was helping in the coordination of the wedding.

Their wedding was an evening wedding that was supposed to begin at 2 PM but the popular norm is weddings start late. They ended up starting at 3 PM and after the ceremony, they had their wedding photoshoot.

The reception was full of fun and dance and this became an opportunity for people to celebrate surviving 2020. The wedding ended at around 10 PM.

The most memorable moment of the day for the couple was the kiss. “The pastor couldn’t even make us kiss again,” said Tafadzwa.

Asked if they could change anything on their wedding if they are given a chance, Tafadzwa says they wouldn’t change a thing as the wedding was perfect especially because they were their wedding planners and them being in the events industry for some time.

As for advice to future brides, Tafadzwa says, “Take your time, do not let society push you or define you. Your life, your wedding, your story. Do not let anyone write it for you. Love God, pray, and love your husband.”

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