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Engaged at a wedding

By Ivy Chibanda,

When you are not yet married and you attend a wedding, you also imagine what your wedding will be like, take a few ideas you may use. Jane had been begged by her boyfriend Jerald to attend a wedding in which he was going to be the best man. Jane was a bit skeptical about it as the wedding was in Zimbabwe and they were in South Africa. Jerald had to beg Jane’s cousin to convince her to agree to go to the wedding. Little did she know Jerald had planned a great surprise for her.

It was on the 27th of July when Jerald’s friend had his wedding. Jane was in the audience admiring her man from the terraces. It was towards the end of the wedding that Jerald was asked to the stage to come and make a speech. Well, Jane thought it was just the best man’s speech but to her surprise, the MC called her to the stage. The bride then handed her a bouquet and hugged her. As the guests cheered, she turned around to find Jerald on one knee with a ring. Of course, she said yes, and lobola was paid on the 27th of October 2020. Their journey to their wedding day began.

On the 6th of December 2020, they had their dream wedding at Everbright Gardens with the colours burgundy, rose gold, and peach accentuating each other. The wedding that had been scheduled to begin at 8:30 am ended up starting at 10:30 am. Everything else had been in order, the only thing that delayed was the bride’s hair as she wanted a hairstyle that was out of this world which she only found out later it didn’t suit her so her hair had to be redone.

Jane couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle, and the way Jerald looked at her as she walked gave her the confidence that she was looking good. The couple couldn’t wait for the kiss as they waited impatiently for the sermon to end. By noon, cocktails were served and they had their photoshoot. The wedding had two Masters of Ceremony, Nembaware, and Musademba who did a great job in the proceedings of the wedding and made sure everyone had a great time. The bridal team also did the most in terms of entertainment as they hit the dance floor with their dance moves.

The most memorable moment of the wedding for the bride was when her father-in-law made his speech. The speech was so heartfelt and Jane felt welcome into the new family.

Given a chance to change anything, Jane wishes she had engaged a wedding planner because it was pretty hectic for them especially the day before the wedding. As for advice to future brides, Jane advises them to learn to delegate responsibilities because the moment you think you’ll manage it all on your wedding day, you will be exhausted.

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