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Wedding table trends for 2022

By Vanessa Mwedzi

Did you know that selecting tables to compliment the overall vibe of your reception is much harder than most people think?

 It’s not only about choosing the cheapest or the most expensive table or even the trendiest one but putting together a truly stunning layout that will create a perfect atmosphere at your reception.

First and foremost, you need to understand your choices.

I’m sure you are familiar with the most popular options, that is, round, rectangular, and square and each of them is fit for a different type of event.

Most people in this day and age go for a King’s table, in which the bride, groom, and the bridal team sit on just one side and face the rest of the guests.

Sweetheart tables, which can be an option of round or square, only for the high table.

If you fancy something different, there are serpentine tables as an option

You can also mix multiple types of tables to create a look and feel that suits the space and atmosphere you want for your wedding.

Now that you know the options let us get into more detail,

According to Heather Rouffe from Atlas Event Rental, round tables are the most popular option for wedding receptions.

They bring out more of a family-style feel and can be implemented in almost any room style, from outdoor events to a tent.

They are available in different sizes from 36inches,48 inches, 60 inches, and 72 inches which accommodate 2-4 people, 4-6 people, 8 people, and 10 people per table respectively,

Nicole Harris said, “the standard 60-inch and 72-inch round tables comfortably seat anywhere from 8-12 guests depending on the meal service and table décor.

The rectangular tables, also known as banquet tables will create an elegant atmosphere at your reception.

Depending on their length, rectangular tables can seat from a larger group of 10 to a more intimate gathering of just 4.

According to Haley Kelly, from a full-service planning company based in Charleston, an oversized rectangle table offers more space for your charger, glassware, and more while still allowing plenty of space for florals in the center of the table.

It is also perfect for outdoors, and “creates a sort of symmetry throughout the space”, said

Francesca Barger online.

They however have a downside when it comes to catering requiring more servers at one table.

Square tables are a perfect option for a smaller more intimate guest list.

With a bigger surface space than round tables, square tables easily accommodate larger centerpieces, giving lots of elbow room and still creating a sense of togetherness for guests.

With square tables, you might run into a tight spot when you take glassware, flatware, and multiple courses into consideration.

Rental companies might have fewer square tables because they are preferred fewer Round and Rectangle tables.

If you want something different you can go for serpentine tables for your wedding reception where several curved tables are pushed together to create a long, winding, and whimsical piece of furniture that your guests will appreciate.

These are a plus if they are large enough to sit all the guests together.

Due to their space requirements, serpentine tables work best at outdoor weddings with much space to spare.

 To sum up, you don’t have to have a single table style at your wedding.

Mixing tables of different types and shapes might bring out a beautiful and unique setup.

Don’t be afraid to get creative, and make sure your order the exact linens for your desired choice.

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