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The Bliss That Came With Spring

By Nobuhle Nleya

29 August 2020 marked the beginning of a new journey for the two lovebirds Brenda and Lawrence who had a beautiful braai-themed wedding complemented by an all-white décor and an elegant bridal team.

Brenda and Lawrence

The wedding comprised of a total of 100 guests who were there to witness the beginning of this beautiful union as Mr. and Mrs. Luwanda. The wedding took place at Panyanda Lodge located in Masvingo which had beautiful natural scenery that was well brought out by a soft breeze and just a moderate amount of sunshine hence confirming that even the weather was in agreement with this momentous occasion.

A bridal team of 8 was there to support the couple and fulfilling their roles of being the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and flower girls as represented by the sashes that each of them wore. The bridesmaids were lavishly dressed in blush pink dresses. Accompanying them were the neatly dressed groomsmen who wore navy blue jackets and bow ties and paired up the outfit with brown pants. To ensure the smooth flow of the wedding proceedings, the wedding had four hostesses who wore light pink dresses and executed their duties well contributing to the success of the wedding.

 The bride wore a white sleeveless gown that had a flowery design on the neckline and just the right amount of glitters on the top part of the dress. She also had a sash of her own and topped it off with shiny accessories that accentuated her natural beauty and left the guests speechless. Her natural hairdo complimented the theme of the wedding and gave the wedding a casual but elegant look. She was accompanied by her two matrons of honour who wore differently from the bridal team. The groom had a two suit beige suit and a navy blue tie that matched with his trousers.

It is amazing how a few brightly coloured flowers, a well-decorated stretch tent, and well-positioned chairs make a huge difference to an outdoor wedding. A sense to appreciate the beauty around was created. For the couple, the highlight of the wedding was when the couple received Holy Communion. The Holy Communion signified the strengthening of the love between them and their foundations that are deeply rooted in Christ.

As seen from the pictures, the couple had full support from their family.  The beautiful love story of this couple continued as the wedding progressed during the day, with the joining of the two new families, with the sharing of similar beliefs, ideas, and hopes for the future.

The beautiful moments shared, experienced and memories created are never to be forgotten by this couple or the guests because a wedding is not just an event but it is also the beginning of a love story.

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