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Cancelled twice, blissful result

By Ivy Chibanda

Covid 19 has had a lot of negative effects on wedding planning as for the greater part between 2020 and 2021, nothing was predictable. Linda and Brian were not spared from this predicament as they had to cancel the wedding 3 times because of the ever-changing lockdown restrictions and the other time, they both suffered from COVID 19. However, where there’s a will, there’s always a way, this did not deter the couple from wedding.

Linda and Brian

Linda Mukuku and Brian Dumba met in 2017 at an AFM youth conference in Masvingo. They particularly met when they had gone to fetch water for cooking. However, it took 3 years for Linda to accept Brian’s proposal to date. Eventually, they became friends, and funny enough, Linda always wanted to be in communication with him and she’d get jealous if he befriended other girls. As time went by, Linda’s feelings grew towards Brian and the two started dating in March 2020. After a few months of dating, Brian told Linda he wanted to meet her parents, and he did. However, Linda still wasn’t sure if he was serious about their relationship even when he started talking about paying lobola as many gents are known for using that line on their girls just to impress the girls. Just as he had promised, Brian paid lobola for Linda on the 22nd of December 2020, after 10 months of dating. 

The bridal entrance

Before lobola was paid, the couple had already started planning their wedding and they had planned for the wedding to be held on the 1st of May 2021. However, because of the lockdown restrictions, they had to cancel and postpone to the 25th of September. Unfortunately, the couple got infected with Covid-19 and because of the illness, they couldn’t go to work, which meant the funds were limited. They had to cancel again and postpone to the 1st of January 2022 and with the grace of God, the wedding was a success.

wedding cake

The couple wedded at the Hitex farm, in Waterfalls at a beautiful ceremony with elegant décor which had emerald green, gold, and white. It was a beautiful wedding ceremony and the most memorable part of the day for the couple was the exchange of vows.

It was a beautiful and well-organized day as the venue was a one-stop-shop. Everything went according to plan and all expenses had been paid up as they had ample time to plan.

The bridal team

Looking back, Linda notes that she realized that patience pays and God’s time is the best, having been arrogant and swearing she’d never get married to Brian, Brian waited and pursued her until he married her.

As for advice to the future brides, Linda advises the ladies to have their dream wedding and not listen to everyone’s opinion on how they should handle their wedding.

The beautiful bride

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